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Randy and Don introduce our new, loose-form podcast, and talk about how it contrasts with our more formal, parent podcast, CTO Think.

Randy and Don introduce our new, loose-form podcast, and talk about how it contrasts with our more formal, parent podcast, CTO Think. We're looking for guests! So let us know if you'd like to be on the show to talk about anything: code, startups, business, gadgets, and more.

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Megan Schemmel: Welcome to This Old App, a podcast about learning, coding, smashing stuff together, breaking things apart, startups, failing, winning, and any other buzzwords we can think of.

Don VanDemark: So Randy here we are on This Old App, what is This Old App about 

Randy Burgess: it's about web development, application development, anything we want to talk about product development, product, business development, right? So it's technical its product management its business its money its yeah starts just thrown out, uh, you know buzzwords and.

We'll be all over the place. So yeah at some point we're going to talk about any and all of that  and I think you're going to bring a slightly more technical flavor to it. I'm gonna bring slightly more of a start-up flavor to it and we're going to mix and match and and everything along those lines.

Randy Burgess: It'll also be less organized. So like for sure so good example, who are you? 

Don VanDemark: Yeah. No no see you messed up the intro Because I Said So Randy. What is this about you were supposed to say hey Don, it's about this. So I'm I'm Don VanDemark and you're Randy Burgess. I am yes, and and we we do the CTO think podcast.

Over on a different network ,CTO, and  over there. We're much more buttoned up. We've got our collared shirts on. Uh, we've got our slacks on maybe a sport coat from time to time. We talk more about the strategy of stuff here. Is going to be much much looser, hoodies!, for CTO Think, I think.

I sit in a room soundproofed room to where we've got a better sound quality you do as well. Um, I think we're going to see a lot more variety on on This Old App. Um, I think there's going to be times. I've got pick up my phone and just start recording something because something came to mind. Um, so I think we're going to have some short form stuff.

Think we're gonna have the brand's gonna go so that's what by the way you and I talked about that. This is what This Old App is about is the building of of companies as well because that's kind of what we're doing here as well. 

Randy Burgess: Yeah, we've got some ideas some side projects that will because I like talking about this stuff a ton.

I work remotely you work remotely and we are probably very much in the same wavelength on a lot of things but we are both trying to knock out problems and talking about them helps get through those problems and learning. So for me, it's kind of a outlet to talk about the cool tech the in-depth part of our jobs that we love.

Doesn't like in the CTO Think world we're talking about management and Leadership and we're trying to kind of not get into the detail, but stay in the more abstract and here it can be curiosities and 

Don VanDemark: We're going to experiment all over the place. I mean you and we're gonna do things take risks and not tell each other when we're doing things like you've already recorded an episode of of of this podcast over that I knew nothing about.

Yes, and I've got I've got plans to start cutting up what we do and putting it on Instagram. So we'll have some stuff over on Instagram as well. 

Randy Burgess: Oh, no, that's that's scarier pictures of this stuff pictures of you talk about what we have to wear for CTO Think, which I'm in violation of a lot. I'm afraid of what the pictures will come out of This Old App

Don VanDemark: but but see the pictures can be the pictures can be just pick, you know stills.

Video over it. So I'm talkin more more the stories on Instagram and we're again, why are we doing that? We're doing it to play with the platform to figure the platform out to be able to come back to this podcast and talk about the platform. So that's what we're doing here on on This Old App. For an introduction on it 

Randy Burgess: For the listener, let us know who you are reach out to us. Hello at this old app. Yes. We're using one of the new tlds top-level domains. So it's not the typical. So again,, and you know, we'd love to have people that have a passion for development and I want to talk about a new technology maybe ask us a question reach out to us and we'll have you on because we just don't have a lot of you know strict rules about what we're going to talk about.

It doesn't have necessarily be about tech again. We can talk about small businesses, Hobbies, ideas, gadgets, all that stuff really grab bag that we can discuss, so I really like to hear from folks listening that want to be a part of the show and we'll schedule you for a future episode 

Don VanDemark: for sure. Let's make it interactive.

Randy Burgess: All right. Well, let's get to recording new stuff and we will talk later. We'll see y'all in a few minutes on episode 2. 

Megan Schemmel: Thanks for listening to This Old App.

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